At-Home Workouts Getting Me Through The Stay-Home Period

Finding motivation to exercise is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It can be difficult to find, and even harder to hold onto. I exercise for one reason and one reason only- to break up the monotony of staring at my computer screen. Right now, due to self-isolation orders, it has been surprisingly easy to find the motivation to the workout-the amount of options available online is overwhelming. It is exciting to follow along, but I found out quickly that if you can’t meet a few of your favorite workout channels live, you miss the opportunity completely.

To help shine a light on the options I use and choose from, I wanted to share the platforms and the motivation level I need to complete a workout from home during self-isolation. My ideology of working out is that it should be open for everyone- the group that works out too much, the group that works out when they feel like it, the group that is busy with kids and has 5 minutes max to workout, the group that doesn’t work out at all, this is for you.

  1. Sky Ting Yoga: Live classes with a roadmap to start yoga
Skyting Yoga’s website

Okay, this is my favorite platform and the one I have been most consistent in completing. I found this channel accidentally looking for meditation sessions online. I found their website and the rest is history.

The Workout: Workouts vary from beginner-advanced from 30–60-minute yoga sessions. This is stated before the LIVE yoga session so that you know what to expect. There is an array of instructors that provides a fresh view of instruction every day. If you have a tiny apartment, you can complete these workouts- most of the Sky Ting instructors record LIVE from apartments in NYC- and create workouts that are accessible for any at-home situation.

SkyTing Yoga Website

The Positives: If you follow Sky Ting yoga live, it is free. The instructors work off of donations and encourage their viewers to donate to their cause and business. If you decide to complete classes for all levels it is just the class you need for a brain break from your computer, and often the yoga practice is designed to help stretch parts of your body often tight from the computer and phone usage.

The Negatives: Sky Ting only offers free classes LIVE. So, if you can’t make their LIVE class work within their 2-hour time frame, they move the class to their channel which costs $20.00/month to join. So it is kind of like if you snooze-you-lose situation. Also, their yoga sessions vary in time frames, which can make it hard to plan. While Sky Ting comes out with a schedule every week, if you have a set schedule that you do not have much flexibility with during the week, the changing times might be hard to make.

The Motivation: While I haven’t completed yoga workouts every day, I have made sure to complete a session consistently, and I’ve noticed that it calms me down and clears my mental space. It serves as another form of meditation for me, and I’ve found that I’m more flexible than I thought- take that downward dog! No matter how unmotivated I’m feeling, I know that these sessions do not ask a lot from me- because they rarely are high intensity- so even in my most fatigued body, I am able to complete a session with a positive experience and feel the benefits afterward.

Check them out here: @skyting on Instagram & their website:

2. PopSugar Fitness:

POPSUGAR Fitness Youtube Channel

A Youtube Channel that features new workouts weekly, with a range of workouts tailored for your ability.

The Workout: Lead by Anna Renderer, workouts feature celebrity and certified trainers that take you through workouts of your choice. Since they live on Youtube, the videos and workouts are available anytime-perfect for when you feel like switching up your practice. On this channel, nothing is off-limits, and your access is unlimited. Another plus? The workouts vary from short to long, giving you choice and control over your own workout.

Pop Sugar Fitness Instagram

The Positives: Popsugar Fitness is a Youtube channel that provides hundreds of free workout videos ranging from 10 minutes-60 minute workouts. Since it is on Youtube, you have complete control over your workout- you can pause, resume, and come back anytime you want, and the best part? It’s free! Another positive is that the founder, Anna Renderer often works out in every video and she often has a positive presence before, during, and after the workouts which we all need sometimes! Since she is also completing the workout for the first time, she often empathizes with her audience and tends to lose her breath, while she is following the trainer’s directions- so you feel like you are right there with them. Oh, and did I say that it is completely free? Say that again!

The Negatives: If you are annoyed by commentary working out, this may not be for you- as Anna loves to talk and give words of encouragement throughout the workout. This channel also isn’t consistent, as in, they never focus on the same workout every time. If you’re looking to master a skill this isn’t the channel for you. There are so many workouts uploaded, they differ in kind and ability levels including, boxing, yoga, pilates, HIIT, Ballet, etc. so if you are looking to track your progress in a certain medium, this might not be the best platform to do that on.

The Motivation: I’ve noticed that to complete a workout on here, I do need to get mentally ready, either that or I have to drink a pot of coffee if I’m really not feeling the workout. Unless I complete a yoga workout, most of these workouts are intense and give you a really good workout in the time allotted. Expect to work hard for a short amount of time, it is designed to burn 300–500 calories in 30 minutes to give you that convenience factor. Complete the burn- and enjoy it later.

Check out Popsugar Fitness here: Instagram: @popsugarfitness

Youtube Channel:

3. Sarah’s Day: A youtuber, out to change the world through workouts!

If you are looking for a friend during this time, and a positive introduction to the workout world- check this youtuber out

Sarah’s Day Instagram Account

The Workout: Sarah has created 2 e-books featuring HIIT workouts that she claims got her in the best shape of her life. She is a friendly Australian, who talks to you like she is talking to a long-time friend. Her videos range from 8:00–20 minutes, but you’ll never find anything longer than that. Some of her videos are intense, and some of them are just like going to brunch with a friend where you just happen to be working out at the same time- I guess that is part of her charm.

Sarah’s Day Instagram Account

The Positives: Completely free. Even though she keeps plugging for you to buy her e-book, there is absolutely no pressure in these videos and they are completely free. Another positive? They are short and sweet. You may think for 8 minutes? I have 8 minutes, but how can you get a good workout in only 8 minutes? Sarah has brought in her HIIT experience and meshed them with repetitious movements to give you a pretty solid workout in the least amount of time.

The Negatives: Sarah isn’t certified. She is a “fitness YouTuber” so while she has gotten in shape herself this way, by no means is she certified in the workouts she uploads. Another negative is that her videos are not consistent. Right now there are only 11 videos in total, space them out and you could complete these in 2 weeks. There isn’t a consistent practice either- it is like taste-testing cupcakes for a wedding, you get to try a bunch of different workouts, test out what you like and still get in shape- but the goal may never be achieved if you are taste testing- do you catch my drift? Lastly, Sarah is grounded in HIIT- and while high intensity is great for short workouts if you are looking to spend 8 minutes and want to make an impact, but it can be detrimental to your joints if you’re new to the practice and repetitive, hence High-Intensity Interval Training.

The Motivation: I always have the motivation to complete Sarah’s workouts, mostly because of the short factor. I know I don’t have to block out an hour of my time to get it done. I also think her personality is infectious in the most positive and honest way, it is nice to workout with someone who is so kind and nice-that you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend. Let me grab my coffee, and I’ll meet you kind of vibe, and I’m diggin’ it- but a warning that the motivation needed might be a little bit past your comfort zone- as it is high intensity, you have to expect to break a sweat and work hard.

Check Sarah’s Day out here on Instagram: @sarahs_day


4. Luxury Collection: A place for models, and that’s including YOU.

Luxury Collection Instagram

The Workout: Okay, I was desperate to find workouts that cost me nothing. I don’t know about you, but I understand the need to charge money for classes right now, but I can’t afford it. This youtube channel offers celebrity trainer workouts alongside Victoria Secret Models. They range from 15–30-minute workouts, from high intensity to low intensity, and you get autonomy over workouts to focus on and choose.

The Luxury Collection Youtube Channel: Ballet Workout

The Positives: Free, Free, Free! It is such a nice feeling to find workouts that are free, which means you can constantly come back and do workouts whenever you want. The workouts are for every level. Don’t let the Victoria Models deceive you- the trainers that give the models directions to workout feels like you are in the class with them. It feels like a beginner class, or a class to introduce you to that kind of workout, and I liked the effortless ease that comes with that.

The Negatives: Some classes here are not explained well. The first video I tried was Tracey Anderson, because I heard great things about her- but she doesn’t explain anything in her workout and goes from one movement to the next, it is really hard to follow along. While you can tell from the comments on this platform which videos are worth completing, it is also on a give-it-a-try basis, which can be confusing and frustrating if you are in the wrong headspace.

The Motivation: If you’re into being motivated by Victoria Secret models, this might be for you, for me, I’m constantly pulled to do these workouts, mostly because they are forgiving for people like me who rarely try workout classes and other forms. Most of the instructors are great at explaining their workouts , it makes you feel like you walked in to try a class before you buy the subscription, and we like that no pressure feel!

Check out the Luxury Collection on Youtube here:

5. Well + Good:

Well + Good Youtube Channel

A Youtube channel for all.

I heard about Well + Good through a podcast recently and thought I’d jump on the web to see if they offered free classes. To my surprise? They do!

The Workout: I haven’t tried this one out yet, but I will! Workouts range from no equipment workouts to dance workouts to yoga and pilates. These workouts are accessible for everyone and provide a clear timetable of how long you will do the exercise with a virtual clock. I like that there is variety and that certified trainers are featured to take you through their system- it feels personal.

Well + Good Youtube Channel

The Positives: One trainer, talking to you- focused on organized time blocks. Also, most of these workouts are no equipment which is important for most of us right now who don’t have the luxury of at-home gyms. It features organized videos, most of the free workout videos mentioned above are just videos explaining movements in a time allotted, while these videos specifically time each movement, so you clearly know what to expect.

The Negatives: I checked back on the youtube channel today and some workout channel playlists work, and I’ll list them below- otherwise some videos have been switched to private which takes away the choice of having a plethora of workouts. The ones available are great, but with little choice in having a carousel of workout videos, it is hard to be consistent here.

The Motivation: If I’m feeling good and need a positive, organized workout with no fuss and no brain power- I think this channel would motivate me to complete a workout. What I mean by no brain power is, that sometimes in learning new types of workouts you really need to focus and pay attention to the screen in learning moves, but with these no-equipment workouts, the trainers make it so clear, the focus isn’t really needed- just a positive mindset!

Check out Well + Good on Youtube(these are a few links that specifically work right now, check the youtube channel for more! ):


Well+Good is the premier lifestyle + news destination devoted to covering the wellness scene. Our video channel is your…

6. Emily Ricketts: Instagram & Youtube Influencer

Instagram: Account Emily Ricketts

The Workout: If you’re looking for more of a consistent weight workout, this account is for you. Workouts are posted daily, and are normally short and sweet and able to complete at home with minimal equipment. Workouts can be written down or screenshotted- if you’re tired of working on a screen and want to work at your own pace.

Example of Emily’s workouts from Instagram

The Positives: You can screenshot the workout or follow along and come back whenever you want. Most workouts are short and sweet — about 20–30 minutes and movements are shown by Emily so you know what to do. It is absolutely free, and you’re able to use soup cans, jugs of water, things around the house- so there are no excuses for getting a good weight workout in. Also, while she is an Instagram and Youtube influencer, she is a certified PT and has come a long way in her own body transformation to prove her results and prove that her workouts work.

The Negatives: She is only on Instagram and Youtube, and doesn’t always take the time to explain her movements, yet, she does show you how to do each movement in her videos. If you don’t have the equipment or the soup cans, these workouts can be difficult to accomplish. Lastly, even though she is on Youtube and has 6 workout videos on her channel, she mainly functions out of Instagram. If you don’t have Instagram or have trouble learning workouts from the Instagram format, it can be difficult to follow along if you are completely new to weight workouts.

Motivation: She is in great shape and is inspiring for a lot of reasons. She used to be overweight and found weightlifting as her muse to developing a healthier life. She posts a video almost every day of a workout routine so you can follow her journey or create your own. I am motivated by her story alone, but if I’m not in the headspace to lift heavy things, you won’t catch me following along to these types of workouts.

Find Emily Ricketts on Instagram: @emrickettz


I hope that if you are losing your mind from doing the same thing every day- that will help expand your horizons in the workout space. For the most part, I wanted to provide a place where free workouts are available for those of us who need free right now. By no means is their pressure to workout during a time of high stress and uncertainty, but if you happen to find yourself with some extra time in your day and some extra energy, these might be the right fit for you. Motivation is hard, especially right now. There is no roadmap in finding your motivation-since it is different for everyone, but whatever your motivation is when you feel it- hold onto it and find your own way to exercise it, it helps put your mind at ease, which is especially important right now.

Do you have workouts that you’ve been doing that have been beneficial to you during this time? If so which one? We’d love to hear what you think!




A Personal Story-Led Blog, Celebrating Self-Acceptance Through Storytelling & Sharing. Instagram: @cest_la_jess and @prettyneedycool

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Jessie Dumont

Jessie Dumont

A Personal Story-Led Blog, Celebrating Self-Acceptance Through Storytelling & Sharing. Instagram: @cest_la_jess and @prettyneedycool

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