Rewriting My Self-Confidence Through Vogue’s Youtube Channel

Beauty Secrets From Chatty Celebrities

Source: Conde Nast Store:

Win, Win-Win?

Right now, the saturation for make-up tutorials is mind-boggling, so mind-boggling, my brain feels like exploding from how much access you can get by just typing in “make-up tutorial” on Youtube.

How can we really know which ones work and which ones don’t?

I felt just as lost entering the Youtube make-up tutorial world, as I did growing up reading about make-up in Allure magazine. And then, Vogue entered. Welcome, The Vogue Beauty Secrets Playlist on Youtube.

A few of my favorites videos I’ve tried and loved:

  1. Suki Waterhouse: Guide To It Brit Eyeliner:

If you’d like to watch all 166 make-up tutorials, here is the link to the playlist:

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