Connect With Mother Earth During COVID-19 Quarantine

For those who are stuck at home, I’ve compiled resources to help reconnect with yourself, and Mother Earth. Here is my routine, involving activities that center around a complete-reprograming of our human design and step away from the pressures of productivity.

  1. Meditation/Gratitude: Starting the workday at 5 am never gave me time to reconnect with myself or give thanks to the universe and Earth that holds space for me every day. Apps like Headspace and Calm offer daily courses that take you through meditations as short as 5 minutes and as long as 30 minutes. Both are great at paving the groundwork for self-awareness in the world, and a peaceful start to your day. After a week of using the apps and giving gratitude, my mindset has shifted from negative to positive, and that redirecting negative thoughts when they come has become a lot easier.

Headspace offers 10 free courses, the rest of the program demands payment methods, however, you are able to go back and listen to the 10 free guided meditations as much as you want. Calm offers relaxing sounds that help with calming the mind in times of stress, and also offers guided meditation. If apps and meditation are not your things, try writing 10 things you are grateful for every morning before starting your day. Gratitude stems purpose and meaning for your day and helps the brain feel a sense of positivity in the seas of negative news headlines and uncertainty. Take advantage of rebuilding your sense of purpose and try this practice outside, in nature, if you have the opportunity to do so, remain far away from crowds and create your own space.

2. Exercise: Stress is a great contributor to a compromised immune system. So even if you are not one to regularly get out and do strenuous exercise, take yourself on a walk- even if it is just down the street. The fresh air and sunlight are known to renew immunity and naturally create endorphins which automatically create a happy mind. Try to go outside at least once every day, and enjoy in a slow pace. This time isn’t about getting your summer bod or reaching your resolutions you set in January, it is about reconnecting your inner compass to Mother Earth, and the appreciation of nature.

3. Altars: Create an altar outside where you are able to find peaceful surroundings or a window for an outside viewfinder. Altars have been used by religions all over the world as a sacred place to just be accepted however you are, and to grant greater connection to your beliefs. Whatever you believe, creating a space in your home right now where you are able to retreat in moments of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty is important in reconnecting to your intuition. Create space to house pictures of loved ones, role models, calming scents, and things that make you happy.

4. Grounding Work: While it is a scary time for all of us, there are aspects of this time that we can completely control, and that is ourselves. Use this time to take care of yourself in grounding work. When we are working all the time on a regular basis, it is easy to forget why we are here. Let the Earth remind you of your purpose, and only do things that keep you humble, honest and grounded. This could be starting a project, incorporating self-care practices, keeping on a routine, or just relaxing and not feeling bad about it. Often times, our minds are so used to going, going, going, that we feel a sense of urgency to complete tasks and learn new things during downtime, if you never take time for yourself, it may not be on the forefront of your mind. Take this time to step away from the things that make your mind conjure expectations such as screens, and tune in to your intuition. If it is doing absolutely nothing, allow yourself to just be.

This quarantine is not easy-it can test the most disciplined people and create hostile environments for people who live alone. If you are not able to talk with others through a variety of mediums, and if you feel lost, the steps above are supposed to be a starting block in launching a calm and collected entrance into social distancing. Paying attention to the Earth that we tend to neglect on a regular basis, builds a foundation for a stronger relationship within ourselves and the world. After all, you deserve it. We all do.




A Personal Story-Led Blog, Celebrating Self-Acceptance Through Storytelling & Sharing. Instagram: @cest_la_jess and @prettyneedycool

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Jessie Dumont

Jessie Dumont

A Personal Story-Led Blog, Celebrating Self-Acceptance Through Storytelling & Sharing. Instagram: @cest_la_jess and @prettyneedycool

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