My own ‘women’s health’ journey

Lessons Learned From A DII Program

PaulRommer In WaterColor On Etsy; Find his work here:

What can you afford? Let’s start there

An autobiographical satire on the pandemic grocery raids

A 10 -minute quick-write

Source: Me

Burned In Our Memory For All Olympic Eternity

Olympic Ensos is a piece of digital artwork by Julie Niemela which was uploaded on February 11th, 2018.

The acclaimed running shoe brand is hoping to be fully sustainable by 2030

These Pain Faces Are Next Level

I Wrote This Because I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

Outing My Shadow


Jessie Dumont

A Personal Story-Led Blog, Celebrating Self-Acceptance Through Storytelling & Sharing. Instagram: @cest_la_jess and @prettyneedycool

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